HI-PE Multi Zone

  • Basic model in this series
  • Extremely easy to install and use
  • High levels of reliability and immunity to interference from external electromagnetic sources

Sabre 5000

  • Elliptic, Multi-Zone and Heavy Duty
  • 60 localization zones: 20 vertical; 3 lateral
  • Light Weight & Weather Resistant: IP 65
  • Compliant with the strictest Security Standards for weapons detection

Sabre 5000

  • The most Sensitive Multi-Zone Metal Detector
  • fully compliant to NIJ-0601.02 and NIJ-0601.03 Standards
  • Exceptional Immunity to environmental interferences
  • Ultra-High Sensitivity capability. Examples of additional detectable targets: Disposable Razor Blades; Special metal items or Bullets
  • Integrated video camera with MDAR software

HI-PE/CF Mobile

  • Light, robust, easy to transport and install
  • Minimum floor space required
  • Water resistant, suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Completely modular: quick installation without tools
  • No Maintenance required


  • NIJ Standard – 0602.02 Compliant
  • Compact, Elegant, Robust and Ergonomic
  • Uniform Detection of Magnetic and Non-Magnetic Targets
  • Full Digital Design: Consistent Performance and Calibration-Free Operations
  • Extended Continuous Operation Time
  • Advanced Configuration Capability
  • Indoor and Outdoor Operations


  • NIJ Standard – 0602.02 Compliant
  • Wide Search Area for Faster and Accurate Screening Operations
  • Search operations allowed even in close proximity of metal reinforced floors
  • Uniform detection of magnetic and non-magnetic targets
  • Full Digital Design: consistent performance and calibration-free Operations
  • Detection of radioactive substances and materials (option)
  • Elegant, robust and ergonomic
  • Indoor and outdoor operations

Shoe Scanner for automatic detection of Explosives & Metallic Threats

  • Certified against relevant detection standards for explosive and metallic threats
  • Bulk detection, based on actual material properties measurement
  • Automatic Detection of Weapons hidden in shoes and simultaneous discrimination of shoe metal components
  • Increased checkpoint throughput by elimination shoe divestiture and X-ray check
  • Increased comfort: passengers keep their shoes on
  • Ergonomics: Simple use and stress-free
  • Analysis time: 4 sec. typical/shoe
  • Clear “OK/ALARM” inspection result